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July 18, 2020
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Building Classroom Discipline Changes Student Attitudes Towards Education

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Students are in your classroom with one primary learn. They are being taught to prepare for the future. The home, where children started their early learning, has become a place of comfort for them but in their growing up years, the school has become their second home. Their classmates have become their brothers and sisters and their circle of friends their comfort zone. Therefore the classroom, where they always gather and mingle, is not only a learning place but their social network as well.

It is safe to say that teachers have become, in many situations, surrogate parents. They have been assigned to the classroom to help their students respect and enjoy the learning experience. But students have been raised depending on the manner their parents raised them; therefore their differences may sometimes cause them to be unruly, aggressive and at times irresponsible. Students are not totally to blame for this; the parents must accept responsibility as well. Studies have shown that what the students learn from their homes they bring to their schools.

With each student facing the classroom's environment, each armed with what they have learned at home the teacher has to deal with all of the differences and still provide a learning environment that will maximize the student's results. Teachers simply can not understand every student's background and can not have a strong personal acquaintance with each of their students; therefore, the teacher has to build a family inside the classroom, a family where there can be leaders and followers with the teacher as the guide. This makes the teacher a builder of classroom discipline. The teacher has to stimulate students in order for them follow what the teacher wants them to do. This takes special training, training that is learned in our Workshops. We teach you how to handle your diverse group of students and manage their behaviour toward you as the teacher and their fellow classmates.

My staff at Jordan Reeves Associates has classroom management techniques which can identify if the classroom is a good environment for the students. The professionals on my team can help identify teachers who have the heart and tenacity for building classroom discipline. Building classroom discipline will shape the students' behaviour towards education. If they behave in school, their learning will encourage them to compete hard for good grades and for better achievement in school. The teachers, with their passion in building classroom discipline will enable the students to listen objectively to what the teachers are saying. If there is an unruly classroom environment and this is not corrected the soonest possible time, this will mean a bad reputation for the teacher assigned and students will not be learning much from the teacher.

Classroom management techniques need to be applied inside a classroom. Applying classroom management techniques will not only encourage the students to listen well to the lesson but it will eventually teach them to respect the speaker and the people he is surrounded with. Building classroom discipline will create in them a positive view on education and what they can get in school. For the teacher, building good classroom rapport and teaching the students good behaviour is an achievement in itself. The students may not have the brains to grasp academic learning, but they have learned discipline and that is already a great achievement for a good educator.


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