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July 6, 2020
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Buying School Supplies for Kids - The Annual Mega-Chore

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Although we know it comes around every year, shopping for school supplies can still be one of the most onerous chores we do. Each time we go and buy school supplies it's almost like starting completely over each time we do it because all of the supplies we bought the year before are either used up or worn out. The best way we can make sure we get everything that's needed is to make a checklist and hang onto it for next year, that way you know you've covered all the bases when it comes to having all the kids need for school.

Here's a list of stuff your kids will definitely need throughout the school year:
1-Pencils and pens are probably the most important things they'll use throughout the year. Having them personalized means they'll be able to hang on to them easier since other kids will be less likely to swipe them.
2-A three ring zippered notebook is incredibly handy since it not only holds notebook paper, but being zippered means that whatever gets put in there won't fall out.
3-Of course, notebook paper will definitely be needed and having it as one of the top things to buy on your school supplies list is important.
4-Composition books are great for notes and if you get the ones with the laser cut edge, kids can turn work done in the composition book in to the teacher. Many teachers won't accept work done with the ragged edges from a regular composition book.
5-One of the best things to have on your school supplies list is a good backpack with plenty of pockets. Backpacks takes a lot of headache and hassle out of a kid's day since it gives them the ability to carry all the books they need as well as extra paper, pens and pencils so they'll always have what they need on hand.

Lunch bags are definitely important if you're going to be sending lunch with you r children. Having a good one will keep cool things cool and warm things warm and will usually keep things from getting squished. You may not consider it as important on your school supplies list, but if you're packing lunches, you'll appreciate it as will the kids.

Pencil bags and boxes help keep your child organized and prevent them from accidentally breaking pencils and even from getting hurt by reaching into a backpack and getting stuck by a badly placed pencil.

There may be other school supplies needs your child will have based on their curriculum but this will serve as a good basic list to start with. By ensuring your kids have everything they need for school, you'll ensure they've got the tools on hand to enable them to learn everything the teachers are trying to teach.


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